Annual Car Inspections Are Mandatory in Shaftsbury, VT

Take care of yours at Shaftsbury Auto Center

In Shaftsbury, Vermont, you are legally required to get a car inspection every year. Shaftsbury Auto Center offers annual car inspections to check your vehicle's safety, emissions and overall condition. Our auto mechanic carries a license to perform state-sanctioned car inspections.

We'll provide you with a full report detailing any comments, questions or concerns we have about your vehicle. If we run into any damage, we'll offer you repair solutions.

If it's time for your annual car inspection, drive down to Shaftsbury Auto Center to take care of it today.

We'll check every inch of your vehicle

We'll check every inch of your vehicle

State inspections have a lot of boxes to check. Your auto mechanic will check and test your vehicle in a variety of ways to make sure everything is safe and meets state standards.

During our car inspections, we check each vehicle’s...


  • Tires
  • Brakes
  • Emissions
  • Windows
  • Lights



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