Visit an auto mechanic when you need exhaust system services in Shaftsbury, VT

Don't Be "That" Driver

You don't want to be the driver whose car roars because it needs a new muffler. To make your exhaust system run smoothly and quietly, let an auto mechanic you trust attend to it. Many reliable mechanics work in the auto shop of Shaftsbury Auto Center.

Each auto mechanic in our shop:

  • Has extensive training and knowledge
  • Uses state-of-the-art equipment
  • Works with intense attention to detail

They're completely prepared to take care of your car's exhaust system. Call 802-442-8484 to schedule a visit to our auto shop in Shaftsbury, VT.

See the signs of exhaust system problems

See the signs of exhaust system problems

If you are experiencing an issue with your exhaust system, you might not be sure what to make of it. You might notice lowering fuel efficiency or louder exhaust. Maybe you hear a loud, metallic sound when your car is idling. No matter the issue, count on us to get to the bottom of it.