Do You Need a Ball Joint Replacement?

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Your ball joints connect your wheels and tires to your suspension system. If your ball joints are loose, your suspension system won't stay aligned while you drive. This could damage your fender, tires and other important parts of your vehicle. Shaftsbury Auto Center offers ball joint replacement services for clients in Shaftsbury, VT.

You should replace your ball joints every 70,000 miles or so, depending on your driving habits. Call now to schedule an appointment at our auto shop in Shaftsbury, VT.

How to know if your ball joints are damaged

How to know if your ball joints are damaged

Keep your car in good condition by replacing your ball joints when they're worn out. If you notice that the front of your car is vibrating, your tires are wearing unevenly or your car is making a clunking noise, you need to replace your ball joints.

If your ball joints fail, you could lose control of your vehicle. When you need ball joint replacement services, come to our auto shop.